Saturday, February 12, 2005

I thought I had something to say...

But I don't. Not tonight at least. Nothing of any consequence any way. Damn, the font on this thing is impossibly small. Let me see if I can make it bigger. Hold on....

All right, so - no - I can't figure out how to adjust the font. I just made the view bigger via the view option on the menu-thingie

I guess one's first instinct here would be toward an explanation of what it is that one is going to be posting. Truth is, I don't know, so I'm not going to discuss it. After all, how can one discuss something one knows little about? Well, we'll find out as I am well known for opening my mouth and yapping about things of which I have very little knowledge.

So, I guess I did kind of decide what this blog will be about - things that I will pontificate about at great length that I likely know little or nothing about. That, and I have some opinions damn it and I want people to be informed of them so they can be duly ignored.

That being said, I will go into why I decided to start blogging. I feel it's my duty as a somewhat informed and (self-proclaimed) nerd-ily hip twenty-something to engage in whatever pop culture phenomenon has grasped that demographic. Friendster, instant messaging, myspace and now this - the blogosphere. What a bizarre phenomenon!

The irony in all of this is that after a brief stint as a contriubutor to a so-called web-zine, my sister suggested to me that I partake in the blog frenzy. I declined as I so snobbily proclaimed that my writing talents could best be served elsewhere. However, my recent fascination with web-opining has intrigued me to the extent that I thought maybe I could have something to offer or least of all a way to entertain myself should I get home...on a Saturday Los Angeles.

It also occurred to me in the participation of my first-ever message board debate yesterday, that many people (including me) have nothing better to do than sit at home (or at work, but not me - I am diligent in my occupational duties) and document their opinions for all the world to see. Or, at least for all of that person's personal world to see.

Speaking of which, how weird are those message boards anyway? For your edification, the thread I decided to participate in and to which I will refer was in regards to an Op-Ed piece by Ann Coulter regarding Ward Churchill's claims that he is a Native American. The nature of the debate - at least the one in which I participated - was rather interesting. It was an indictment of the Neo-conservatives supposed attacks on the notion of Academic and Intellectual freedom. Coulter had asserted that because Churchill's claims that he is of American Indian descent are inconsistent, then he is somehow intellectually inadequate in his duties as a college professor. I'd like to tell you that the debate continued with each member stating an informed and thought-provoking opinion, but it ended up being a verbal slugfest between people who had a serious interest in the topic and the cyber-bully wanna-be's whom, I imagine, haunt any message board to taunt just about anybody willing enough to be suckered in by such base behavior.

Which brings me to my point: What purpose do these message boards serve, other than to allow for a good old case of virtual finger pointing over who's an asshole and who is not? The tendency towards sophomoric argument at every level of debate in this country right now is deplorable. We've all seen the talking heads having a go at it on the television and it really is starting to get annoying. People are entitled to their opinions, but is it our responsibility to suffer through them, no matter how ignorant or impossibly flawed they are? Yes, I guess it is. It's the nature of free-speech. But in this particlar case you choose your battles wisely.

For my part, though, I was glad I decided to comment on what I thought was a rather unconvincing and unnecessary diatribe on Coulter's part. But, as is to be expected, there were those who would categorically disagree and they certainly didn't hesitate on letting me or my brothers-in-arms know about it.

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you rule. no seriously. you are the rulingest.