Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A 2-Fer

Projects that I have abandoned for obvious reasons

Trust Buddies - A mentoring program that brings together rehabilitated ex-convicts and inner-city under-privileged youth.

The Johnny Clash - A cover band that plays Johnny Cash songs in the style of The Clash and vice Versa

Nun O’ That! - A road-trip screenplay about three nuns on a cross-country pilgrimage for some vague charitable cause whose station wagon break down, so they hitch a ride with a van full of frat boys. Too much sexual tension

The Point Dexters - A nerd-surf rock band. Just fucking ridiculous

An investigative report on jean jackets in the 21st centrury.

Trying to capture the meaning of life in just one song. Somehow it always comes back to bitches and/or money.

A position paper on vertical versus horizontal stripes.

An in-depth essay on how to write in-depth essays.

Writing an epic poem spoof called “The Silly-ad”. Too lazy and can’t find the right meter.

Menace II Society the Musical.

Recording my first Pop/R&B crossover balad entitled, “Girl, Why You Ain’t Neva Gimme No Ass (No Mo’)?

Starting a new religion.

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