Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Unfinished Brilliance

Questionable Topics/Themes for Children’s Books That I May Or May Not Write

Writing children’s books is easy. All the author has to do is repeatedly use patronizing rhyming hyperbole and emphasize what is humorous with an exclamation point. (Example!) However, topics for children’s books can be hard to come by. I have outlined some topics below that may or may not be suitable for a child’s impressionable mind.

Ricky Rickets and His Struggle to Cure Stress-Related, Possibly Psychosomatic Illnesses

Pros: Children may be a little more inclined to understand their parents and let mommy and daddy have a little fuckin’ peace and quiet already for crissakes!

Cons: Generally, children are not aware of or afflicted by stress-related illnesses…yet

The Dangers of Habitual Hard-Drug Use

Pros: Creates awareness in children that drugs, while sexy, glamorous and romantic, are in fact, danger-ish.

Cons: Maybe that is something the children should find out on their own.

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