Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter and the Spin-cycle

What's most shocking about Ann Coulter's slur against John Edwards isn't the fact that she said it (it's entirely consistent with her character, or lack thereof), but that it was quickly followed by enthusiastic applause. Meanwhile, will Coulter join the ranks of the besmirched likes of Tim Hardaway and Isiah Washington? What about all of the people in the audience who showered her so with approval after her unconscionable slur? Not likely. Methinks she'll somehow slip the shitstorm of controversy by using her status as an empowered female with strong, "informed" political opinions as a justification for using such colorful terminology -- as if being a supposed smart person somehow precluded you from also being an idiot.

In other news: Watch how the Republicans turn the Walter Reed scandal into a reason to blast the Dems for wanting to trim Bush's war budget, as if one were the cause for the other.

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