Friday, February 22, 2008


Some thoughts:

  • There's something suspicious about all of the celebrities that have given birth to twins.
  • Who are these "officials" and "experts" that seem to be the only people news websites cite in their headlines?
  • The great thing about being an American is exercising your right NOT to watch the Oscars.
  • The Broncos re-signed Travis Henry with a re-structured deal, which basically rendered all of my previous trade daydreaming moot.
  • I just started reading the comic book series Y: The Last Man and it kicks ass.
  • does The Simpsons Game on XBox 360.
  • This nice weather is giving me spring fever. Too bad spring is still a month away.
  • It seems that since I'm not a marketing rockstar, an IT guru, a real estate superstar or a customer service wizard, I can't get a job.

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