Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Summary - My Most Recent Unfinished Novel: I Reveal Nothing

I bid you: enjoy!

X, an effete, aspiring private eye who styles himself after the late, great C. Mortdecai and claims to be the last – or one of the last – living, breathing pieces of art left on this earth or at least the western US of A, is beseeched by Veronica, an aspiring actress, to kill the plastic surgeon who botched her recent facelift and breast augmentation surgery, which would have been her "ticket to relevance" (her words). After demurring Veronica's request, X is contacted by Victoria, Veronica's half-sister and herself a working actress on the verge of stardom, who begs X to refuse the requested hit in order to save her high-profile family the great embarrassment of a murder trial, etc. X, having been already quite content to reject becoming an assassin working on commission, decides to feign interest in the job only to get closer to Victoria and so embarks on a pseudo-clandestine investigation into the two sisters’ affairs which will take him from the hipster dive bars of Silverlake to the Hollywood movie studios but "no further than the streets of the extreme eastern borders of West Hollywood" (if he can help it) and "under no circumstances into the gargantuan, Plebian, porn-producing, middle-class maze that is the dreaded San Fernando Valley" X boozes and blunders his way through many a near-adventure and close-call until he discovers that he’d been set up to take the fall from the start.

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