Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Been Awhile

I have not updated for quite nearly a year. No matter. Since this blog is just an outlet for my writerly ambitions and as such is presumably read only by me. I can't imagine that I've disappointed my legion fans.

However, it is good to practice writing. I need to do it more. I have written several pieces for a different site that, for personal reasons, I have chosen not to post there. These few pieces may find their way onto this blahg. Some of them are reviews, some musings about things that I've been studying, but all of them are in various states of completion, which is to say that they're all unfinished. I don't know if the reviews are worth posting because they were unsolicited and the time of their relevance has passed. My only reason for posting them would be to show my range, or lack thereof.

Regardless, I've been struggling with inspiration for the better part of six months now. But that's nothing new. I am never short of topics to cover, so I've got plenty of ammunition stored up. I just need to jam one in the chamber and let it loose.

Meantime, stop being such a fucking stranger, you.

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