Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I'm watching President-Elect Obama's attorney general nominee Eric Holder as he is questioned by congress for the red-tape hearing before he's officially approved. As I continue to peruse MSNBC's coverage, a few things occur to me:

Holder says he intends to, "adhere to the principles and precepts of the U.S. constitution."

Whew, that's reassuring.

Not to start the criticisms before the Obama administration even takes charge, but isn't upholding the U.S. constitution the minimum of what the USAG is supposed to do?

Secondly, despite Holder's claims that "no one is above the law", he indicated that he likely would not pursue prosecuting anyone from the Bush administration, even though he claims that waterboarding is illegal and the Bush administration has admitted to employing waterboarding. Sounds like cognitive dissonance to me. Holder intimated that these matters of "policy" are not something that he is willing to investigate.

Finally - and this is hardly a revelation - but the confirmation process is a bizarre piece of theater run by tiny little prick puppets in blue suits with lame haircuts, just like everything in the United States political arena. They might as well be wearing powdered wigs.

Somehow, this country is run by elected officials who are nothing like me and you. Look at these people. Who cuts their hair like that? It's not that they have to have "cool" haircuts or dress like hipsters, but a little modernity might help. Would any of you want to have a beer with these schmucks? I certainly wouldn't. And yet, we are responsible for electing these dorks.

It's not a fashion thing. It's a CLASS thing. We're living in an aristocracy, people.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Interpretation of The Soprano's Finale (Hardly) Confirmed as (Possibly) True!

FYI, this is exactly how I interpreted the ending of The Sopranos. This is newsworthy?

via imdb:

The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli is convinced he has unearthed the secret behind the show's dramatic ending - Tony Soprano is dead.

The long-running mob drama came to an unspectacular end in 2007 - the screen fading to black as James Gandolfini's Soprano dined with his wife and children.

But Imperioli, whose character Christopher Moltisanti was killed off in the last season, insists there's more to the finale than meets the eye.

He says, "I think he's dead. That's what happens when it goes black, right?"

Monday, January 05, 2009


A lot of people in television get all 'creative' when they go on hiatus: they polish a screenplay, start a new project, start a screenplay, take a class, take a screenwriting class. Since I'm not on hiatus and was instead 'gently let-go', I have endeavored to document my first day of joblessness:

6:40 AM - awoke, somewhat reluctantly

7:45 AM - 8:04 AM - filled out necessary unemployment paperwork online, bristled at the notion that I could be rejected

8:05 AM - 8:26 AM - brooded

8:27 AM - 8:45 AM - brooded (in bed)

8:46 AM - considered masturbating

??? AM- 10:50AM - napped.

10:58 AM - 11:40 AM - took dog for walk around the park, noted the increasing greenness of each subsequent bowel movement (the dog's, not mine)

11:55 AM - 12:01 PM - dog barked periodically; advised him to "shut it"

12:05 PM- 12:20PM - attempted to complete some Madden Moments; turned game off in disgust because the Dolphins receivers can't catch for shit (and the Dolphins still beat the Broncos this year).

12;25 PM - began preparing lunch (veggie masala burger on naan bread with hummus, jack cheese and mango ginger chutney)

12:46 PM - pondered whether dishes in dishwasher were clean or dirty

12:47 PM - consulted girlfriend (via Gchat) about dishes. Verdict: clean

12:51 PM - GODDAMMIT!!! burned my naan bread and dropped my masala burger patty on the dirty-ass kitchen floor. Shit!

12:56 PM - enjoyed soiled masala burger anyway

1:06 PM - picked surprisingly minimal hairs out of my teeth transferred to mouth via masala burger (mostly of cat origin)

2:27 PM - pondered whether or not it was too early to drink a beer

3:14 PM - drove to Target

3:32 PM - briefly flirted with the notion of asking for a job application at said Target

4:01 PM - returned home to find dog had gotten into the cat litter and ate cat shit...on my bed spread; ignored dog's entreaties for attention as punishment

4:21 PM - realized that I put corn chips in fridge, hummus in pantry; discovered leftover Robek's smoothie from previous day.

4:21 PM - 4:26 PM - enjoyed leftover smoothie

4:59 PM - began self-flagellation for not going to the gym today

5:00 PM - workday, self-flagellation ended.